Our Services - Marine Crew Supply

Technical Abilities & Services

KTL services comprises a group of highly experienced oil & gas industry professionalthat can deliver a range of logistics management services, including:

  • Logistics Consultancy/ Agency Services
  • Personnel Arrangement for shipment of materials/ equipment to/ from site/Warehousing Rental/ Handling Arrangement
  • Custom Clearances on shipment
  • Marine Vessels and Chartering
  • Provision of Fuel (MGO/MDO) and Drill Water, Fresh Water and Food
  • Local barge and tug chartering
  • Provision of Heavy Lift Machinery and Handling Services
  • Obtaining permits and liaising with local authorities
  • Provision Third Party Services including inspection ( MPI / NDT )
  • Provision of Construction Materials and Equipment
  • Provision of Containers, Mobile Accommodations Container
  • Provision of Accommodation, Meet & Greet and Car Rental Services
  • Travel Arrangement Services & Stay Permit Application Services
  • Rental Service for offshore containers, skips and baskets (DNV)
  • Waste handling Services